Thursday, December 23, 2010

Way Behind!

Iv been meaning to type this post for a while but im just getting around to it lol 

Its been nice being in Cali and seeing all my family and friends (mostly family). Hubby made it home on the 19th. This few days he has been home iv seen more friends lol and a lot more of the in laws which has been really nice because I dont see them much. =] The days with hubby have been full of shopping...I waited till he got home to do all of our Christmas shopping lol 

So once again this post isnt as long as I wanted it to be but be prepared for all the pictures that fallow lol
Driving from WA to CA

Chuck E Cheese

Aedan with all 500 tickets

At the mall

Crazy Part of the Family lol

At the Airport in Ramstein (Dont know why this ended up down here lol)

My Handsome Aedan

Being silly with my Sister and Cousin

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Extremely Thankful!

OK so this took much longer to post than I wanted lol but iv been pretty busy catching up with family =]

After about 14 hours we finally got home!

When we arrived in Tacoma, Washington we had no idea what we were doing. All we new is that we wanted to get to Cali the cheapest way possible. Our options were to fly (~$600), Grayhound (~$210), Amtrack (~$200), or rent a car and cut the cost with my friend Brenda. We opted for the rental car which ended up being a total of $197.20 before cutting the cost in half. When we finally got on the road it was 6pm. The total trip was about 14 hours with only stopping for gas, use the bathroom and change the kids diapers. I think we did pretty good time!

I wanted to say MUCH THANKS to my friends in Washington! Tiffany Johnson, thanks SO much for having us over for lunch and putting up with the kids while I took extremely long getting the rental! Danielle Petel, thanks for driving me around! I dont know what I would have done without you guys there!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Traveling Space A W/out Hubby

Warning!!! Long post!!! LOL

Waiting Patiently

Waiting for the bus
We decided after a bit of consideration that the best way and cheapest way for us to get back to the Golden State was to hop onto a military flight…Also known as Space available travel. We got all our paperwork done and were ready to just take it in and have our names put on the list….So that’s exactly what we did…We went the Saturday after Thanksgiving and they 1st thing they tell me is that were I want to go is a rare flight and that they had one scheduled for that same night…I went back to the car and drove straight home to finish packing. That night when it was getting close to our show time I call the terminal to check on the flight and find out it was canceled. I kept hearing the same thing for the next 3 days. 

This is what happened on day 4.

There was a flight scheduled to go out to our preferred destination with a roll call time of 0240. I decide that the easiest thing for me to do is dress the boys ahead of time and let them sleep till its time for us to go. When we get there I go check to see if the flight hasn’t been canceled or delayed and just my luck, it was delayed an hour. So we waited in the car till then. When the time came we went inside, got checked in, threw security point and onto the bus that was taking us to the plane.  About half our of us sitting in a COLD bus they tell us the plane we were scheduled to take was being delayed 14 hours do to mechanical issues =[

We had back to the terminal, check what other flights are going out later today and were lucky to have one going to Washington. At this point im out of patience and ready to be home, so I call the hubby and ask for his opinion. He was thinking just like me because he told me to get on the flight to Washington and just find a way to Cali from there. So once again that’s exactly what we did =] And guess where im typing this from! Yup the plane!! We should be in Washington State in a few hours and so much closer to home!

Finally at New Jersey, in our hotel room waiting for dinner to arrive. Hoping our flight to Washington tomorrow goes smoothly!