Monday, February 14, 2011

30 for 30 Update

So I think I owe any of the 30 for 30 peeps that have looked at my blog to see what iv been doing with my items an apology =[ I honestly thought id be able to handle it but as we can see from the non existing posts I couldnt *tear* Starting a day late and then not having a car since hubby had mine...Not to mention I just got back to Germany 2 weeks ago and im still trying to adjust and hubby being deployed, iv been staying home. But I will say the days I do get out of the house, I try and put something together from the 30 items I had picked out just havent gotten any pix of them yet...I really need to find a friend that would be willing to take pictures of my outfits lol...Id have my oldest do it but he is only 2 so you'll only get my head or feet lol. So thats why I havent posted any of my outfits for the 30 for 30. Its safe to say I wont be doing it this season but I really do want to do one. Hopefully by then I'll be getting out of the house more lol and find a friend that will be willing to take my pictures.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Chosen Ones

I finally got around to photographing my 30 items after being jammed in a suitcase for about a week =[ That explains how wrinkly they are sorry, I promise to iron my items before wearing them lol

Blue dress-ModCloth Blank & White-PX

Little shop in Mall

Top 2 Jeans-JC Penny's Gift, Bottom Jeans-My SIL's store, Grey Slacks-Ross

Left Side-SIL Store, H&M, SIL Sotre, AERO  Right Side-SIL Store, H&M, SIL Store, H&M

Brown Boots-Store in Trier, Germany Brown Wedges-Ross? Black Boots-PX Black Studded Flats-Store in Mall Black Flats w/Pearls-PX

Hand Me Down

Grey-H&M Pink-Hand Me Down Black & Grey-F21 Black-H&M

If you count all my items you'll see there is only 25, its the only thing I could fit in my tiny little luggage lol Since I handt picked any wild card I decided to make my last 5 items my wild card items...This items were picked from the clothes and shoes I left here in Germnay. Here they are

Slacks & 2 Sweaters- Hand Me Downs Grey Cardi & Flats-PX