Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trying To Keep Busy

Trying to keep busy is exactly what iv been trying to do since my last post. If you guys remember my hubby deployed early Feb and its been a bit crazy around here. Iv been trying to (finally after 2 years) make my house look like a home, give the boys a room they will want to sleep in a play in and lastly, iv been trying really hard to eat healthy and exercise as much as I can handle. That part has been a bit hard but im doing my best =]

Not only have I been keeping busy with mommy stuff iv also gotten a chance to be crafty. Not to long ago I signed up to have a small table during our Baumholder Community Spouses Club (BCSC) luncheon and sell some of my lovelies. =] I didnt do to bad and I loved getting some time to sit and just craft!  The best part of all was I got asked for a custom order for a special little birthday girl. After remembering how much I like making my lovelies I have decided to re-open my Etsy shop next month =]

Wait for it and i'll keep you guys posted =] I wont promise that i'll be on top of my blog but I sure will try =]