Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I'm super stoked!

Finally got my 1st real workout in for the year a few days ago, which by the way I'm still sore from LOL Plus, I came across an awesome blog yesterday when looking for clean eating meal ideas before heading to the grocery store.

Meals Fit for a Family has a ton of different meal plans, complete with shopping lists and recipes.  All her meals look super easy and sound delicious! I have the turkey chili pie in the crockpot now and it smells awesome. Her shopping list made it super easy for me to go grocery shopping yesterday. I loved going in there with a list of what I needed and knowing exactly why!

Just in case you were wondering, the menus are based on 6 small meals a day and she also gives you times of when you should be eating each meal. The 1st meal starts at 6am, which does not work with me since I don't get up until 6:45am. Its ok though, I can customize it to my schedule which I totally love!

I'm hoping this great blog find and me being back at the gym gets me to where I want to be.

Here's my breakfast for this morning from the Week 1-2 menu of Meals Fit for a Family. Whites Spinach Feta Omelet didn't just sound delicious, it WAS delicious!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


I finally started 2 more of my New Years goals and both got started the same day :) Its about time I know lol

Can't wait till I can finally take my lovers car out by myself! Well past my street that is lol Today was the 1st time I drove my lovers 350z by myself without him telling me what to do. I would have to say I did pretty good. Stalled a crap load of times but I finally got the hang of it on my last go at it. Hoping to get a chance to do it again tomorrow.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


We are half way threw the January and I have yet to really start any of my New Years resolutions :(

Gyms been postponed do to my crazy work schedule.

Eating habits aren't quite there yet.

I at least started a book lol

And here I am blogging so that's also good. Now to try to kick it up a notch and get on the right track!

So many things I want to accomplish this year! I really need to sit down think out my month and plan everything out so I can get it all done. Well at least I'm hoping that will help.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year New Goals

This year I set myself 10 New Years goals. Starting off with a healthier smaller me. I'm not to sure how I'll do because this is the 1st year I actually set goals for myself...I won't say I'm determined to check them all off because I know that that is not a word for me! I will say that I'll try my best! To help me out I have set up a check list on my Kindle Fire as well as a count down that will help me keep an eye on a few with specific numbers.

Wishing for a great year with my awesome little family!