Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Challenging Myself

That's exactly what I'm going to be doing, challenging myself! I follow a blog called Kendi Everyday and she does this great thing in her blog called 30 for 30 where you have to remix 30 pieces in 30 days. Now its going to be HUGE challenge for me since I'm in the process of heading back to Germany and I dont thing I have that many items lol! I'm hoping to be back before the 1st of Feb when the challenge actually begins so that I can incorporate some of the clothes I left behind. For now I'll be going threw the clothes I have here and seeing what it is that I want to use so that I make sure not to leave it behind LOL

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Air Bound

I'm so excited to be heading back to Baumholder! I know some of you are going to be asking me why, and the answer is simple, I'm home sick! To be honest I never thought id be getting this home sick, I didn't even get this home sick when I went to Germany and left all my family so far away for the 1st time in my life! Anyways, I knew I was leaving behind some GREAT friends that can not be replaced but I was so excited to see my mom, dad, brothers, sister, and the rest of my family that I didn't think twice when I left. Now I cant wait to be back with what I like to call my extended family! One of my friends out here said that Baumholder is where my ties are at. I couldn't have said it better myself! Yes I know eventually we will all be going our separate ways because that's just how the Army works but its not time yet damn it! LOL So for now I'm headed back to where I belong. As of now I'm not sure when we will be leaving. I'm hoping to go back the same way I got here, Space A, but if there aren't any flights out to Ramstein from now to the 28th then hubby will just buy us plane tickets. So for now its a waiting game but I promise to keep you all updated!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sick Babies & A Lovely Beatter

I'm having a long day! Neither of them have fevers but have horrible coughs and runny noses. My mother made them te de canela (cinnamon tea) this morning because she heard how bad their coughs were last night...The little one couldn't even breath with his mouth closed. My poor babies! Wish daddy was here to help but its ok I have mom who absolutely spoils her grand kids lol.

Nothing better then nap time!

Aedan enjoying a banana on Nana's OLD chair

How do you guys like my lovely beater? Yes that is my car, at least for now. My in-laws were trying to help me out a bit by purchasing a car for me to use until mine was shipped (if it even gets shipped) and I'm really grateful...There is just one thing, its got a few problems and my cousin who is extremely good with cars, told me I shouldn't drive it =[ So technically I'm car less again until his dad can look it over, do his magic and tell me its drivable. Hopefully im not car less for too long, I need to work!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

No Routine Yet

The title says it all, we have yet to get into a routine! Its been an entire month, but its ok sure enough it will happen...The hubby heads back to Germany on Sunday, which im kinda sad about since we wont see him for about a year or so, but that just means I'll finally try and get a routine going for the boys and I. In other words next week will be a busy week for me, I'll be looking for a job, spending a few hours at the DMV and hopefully attempting to potty train Aedan for the hundredth time, wish me luck!

Besides all the boring stuff above lol the family and I had a great Christmas and a pretty good New Years. Christmas was spent at my parents house with all the aunts, uncles and cousins, which we havent seen in over 2 years, having a good time. For New years we didnt do much, we went over to a friends house for a bit and then went to my parents to do the count down with them.